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Market information

Upon request we can provide you with our Market

ABS Gas Market Update
“ABS Gas Market Update” is a monthly publication
covering the various segments of the liquefied gas
markets, with emphasis on the Ammonia market.
Besides information on major events in the chartering
market during the past month, the report includes
details on Sale & Purchase transactions, Newbuilding
contracting and deliveries, as well as demolition sales.
The report also monitors the trends in the various time
charter markets as well as freight trends on typical
freight routes.

ABS Position List
“ABS position List” is a weekly publication listing relevant
gas vessel positions worldwide. The list is sorted in
geographical areas, for your better overview of the
available tonnage in your home markets.
Tailor-made position lists designed for your special
markets and needs could be made available upon request.

Ad-Hoc Market studies
Upon request and mutually agreed terms, we provide
clients with various market analysis and in-depth
studies. Our permanent updating, analysis and storage
of market intelligence combined with our day-to-day
presence in the markets enable us to provide clients
with historical data on fixtures (spot or period), fleet
development including sale & purchase transactions,
newbuilding orders/deliveries and demolition sales as
well as market trends and outlook. Upon receipt of your
inquiry, we will do the work and present you with a tailor-
made report addressing your specific needs.