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Ship brokerage

Associated Brokers Shipping (ABS) are first and
foremost shipbrokers specialized in the gas and tanker
chartering providing a complete service from
preliminary studies to post-fixture accounts.

We arrange transportation of cargoes, be it by spot
or and Time Charter period contracts, including
Contracts of Affreightment (CoA). We provide
services in project development and sale and
purchase. We enjoy solid relations with major
ship owners, brokers and charterers in the worldwide
market, and with comprehensive in-house market
intelligence, we are able to give our clients relevant
and timely advice on their transportation requirements.
We also put great effort into the fulfillment and execution
of each contract concluded, and make sure our clients
interests are well taken care of.

All inquiries handled by us are treated in an utmost
professional manner and where discretion is needed
your information remains private and confidential with us.

For your future cargoes or any other inquiries we are keen,
ready and able to efficiently conclude fixtures suitable
for your shipping needs.