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Ship operation

We provide a complete or part service of ship operation
for our customers, both for liquid and dry cargo ships
including items as specified below:

Voyage calculations, which include freight estimates,
continued follow -up, input of actual expenses once
available, final results and voyage summaries.

Detailed voyage instructions to the vessel.

Appointment and instructions to port agents as
well as disbursement accounts follow-up, if required.

Day to day information and report on the voyage
in question.

Lay time calculation identifying eventual demurrage.

Plus any other tasks that our customers find
necessary in order to fulfill their needs within ship operation.

Laytime and demurrage service
As a separate service we offer our experience and
expertise in dealing with laytime calculations.

Several package solutions are available to cater for
your needs as Shipowner, Charterer, Shipper, Receiver
or Terminal Operator.
These also include eventual issuing of invoices for
demurrage with supporting documents and subsequent
monitoring of each case.

Our operators are dedicated to each case and will
ensure a close follow-up to achieve an efficient and as
swift as possible settlement of such claims.

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